Inter-University Fundraiser

Together, University students supporting inclusivity in society. Together, raising awareness for the need to dismantle negative stereotypes. Together, standing for equality.

Photography Competition

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To enter the competition you first need to donate £3.00 (minimum) to the Inter-University Event fundraising page and take a picture (or screenshot) your evidence of payment. This donation will be split evenly between three incredible charities – Equality Now, the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Diversity Role Models.

After this, fill in the google form (found through the link just below) including your photograph and a short description of what it is!!!

Have a chance to win some amazing prizes thanks to our generous sponsors whilst raising money for three incredible charities. With the restrictions that we have to face this academic year due to COVID-19, we have decided to come together to work as an Inter-University Community, so that we can still help charities in their fight to tackle and dismantle discrimination, inequality and bullying.

The Edward Bramley Law Society from the University of Sheffield, with the help of Sheffield RAG, are the underlining basis of this event, providing a platform for students across the UK for the recognition and awareness of Human Rights Issues that are present in our societies.

None of this would be possible, without the generosity of our main sponsors…..

Inter-University Student Fundraising Event (UK)

My aim for this competition was to ensure that our generation were given a stage to spread the awareness of charities and their social aims that stand to fight for inclusivity, diversity and equality. Law students across the UK are working alongside artists, photographers and more, so that as a community we can use our platform to ensure our voices are heard. To establish positive change and to dismantle negative stereotypes through education and exposure; to stand up for what is right.

Rosie Mcknight – Founder and Organiser of the Inter-University Fundraising Event (UK)

Please feel free to email me with any enquiries or concerns you have, using the link above!

Health and Safety Guidelines

  1. We advise participants to not put themselves in danger when taking photographs, or place themselves into a situation that could cause harm or injury to anyone else.
  2. By submitting a photograph, you are consenting to have your name shown to a broad audience, with no further information publicised.
  3. We advise that if older cameras are used, these are to be used with precaution and at the discretion of the participant.
  4. We advise that all participants are responsible for their own safety and to have a basic first aid kit to hand if possible. Please dial 999 in the case of an emergency

Photographic contents

  • We advise participants ask any people who feature within their photographs for permission before sharing photographs taken.
  • No photos of children under 18 will be permitted in the competition. This includes photos containing children under 18 in the background of said photos.
  • No photos of vulnerable adults will be permitted in the competition. A vulnerable adult or “adult at risk” is defined in this instance as a person who is:
    • 18 years or older and
    • in need of care and support and
    • unable to protect themselves from harm as a result of their needs.
  • We will prevent any photographic content being shown if the participants appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol (e.g. hungover). Similarly, if medication seems to be affecting capability (e.g. concentration).
  • Images will be withdrawn if Edward Bramley Law Society determine that they promote or exhibit any of the following:
    • Disclosure of another person’s personal info
    • Threats
    • Illegal content
    • discriminatory and offensive language or images against other individuals and groups of people
    • children under the age of 18
    • f) vulnerable adults
  • All photography will be screened by members of Edward Bramley Law Society before they are published, so that no potentially harmful images will be displayed.
  • Event leads will respond to individual requests for photos to be deleted.

The activity complies with the government’s social distancing advice and lockdown rules as outlined here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus